Q: How often should I have my carpets and upholstery professionally cleaned?
A: All home/work environments are different. This depends on each individual customers particular needs and requirements. Some experts recommend as often as every six months, most manufacturers recommend that carpets are professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months. However it is entirely up to you. Allowing soil to build up will matt the pile together and significantly reduce the life of a carpet. Carpets should be cleaned on a regular basis and before they become heavily soiled for hygiene reasons and to prolong the carpets life.

Q: What are the benefits of carpet and upholstery cleaning maintenance?
A: Thorough care and maintenance of you carpets and upholstery can preserve there appearance and increase there longevity in both domestic homes and commercial premises for years and years. Cleaning will also brighten colours and provide a cleaner, safer and healthier indoor environment. Failure to take care of your carpets and upholstery will result in premature wear and damage. In essence professional carpet and upholstery cleaning cares for your investment and makes the life of your investment last longer.

Q: How long will it take my carpets and upholstery to dry?
A: Drying times depend on many conditions including, how soiled the item is, how much water is needed to clean it, weather conditions, indoor temperature and the atmosphere. However when we clean a carpet/fabric by our hot water extraction process they should be dry within 4 to 12 hours. However we do provide free blow drying, we use high powered blow dryers which rapidly reduce drying times and carpets can even be dry when we use these, before we leave. If your carpets/fabric are cleaned using our revolutionary dry cleaning process the carpets are usually dry in 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Q: I have children/pets will they be affected by the cleaning process or chemicals?
A: NO. Health and safety is of paramount importance to us. Professional cleaning solutions are tested for there effects on the environment and occupants of areas in which they are used. Cleaners UK Ltd of Warrington use only the best and latest environmentally green products, however it is recommended that children and pets stay off a damp carpet until it is completely dry, to prevent slipping and falling hazards and tracking in fresh soil.

Q: Will my carpets/upholstery become re-soiled quicker following cleaning?
A: NO. The chemicals and detergents that Cleaners UK Ltd of Warrington use are manufactured to the highest specifications for quality and effectiveness. We only use detergents designed for the removal of soil from carpets and upholstery. All chemicals applied in the cleaning process are the very best on the market and are also all completely rinsed out during the cleaning process. Because we use the best machinery and chemicals there are no sticky residues left in your carpet/fabric that other companies may use which attract re-soiling.

Q: I have an expensive Chinese rug, how can this be cleaned?
A: Cleaners UK Ltd of Warrington specialise in all types of rug cleaning. Your rug can be cleaned insitu and due to our high level of training in this area you can be rest assured that you are in safe hands.

Q: Do I have to move furniture?

A: We will happily move furniture. The general rule is if the furniture is fixed or permanent eg: heavy wardrobe, sideboard, bookcase, it is easier to clean around the item as only a small amount of dirt maybe behind the item and if the carpet has never been walked on this makes it easier for the customer. However if your prefer we can always move heavy items. Everyday items eg: 3 piece suite, TV and tables can stay in the room and are easily moved to one side whilst we clean under them, and then moved back again.

Q: Can I clean my carpets and soft furnishings myself?

A: It is highly recommended that a professional cleaning company is used, there are many items advertised for carpet and upholstery cleaning that are available to the public. However along with these come many risks including dye bleeding, shrinkage and over wetting. Therefore there is a high potential of causing irreversible damage. DIY cleaning machines also use cheap sticky chemicals, these sticky chemicals remain in your carpet and attract dirt which leads to them re-soiling very quickly. Cleaners UK Ltd of Warrington have the correct training and knowledge, using the highest powered machinery and the latest professional cleaning products to ensure that a correct and safe job is carried out, producing the best possible results and the perfect clean for you.

Q: How often does leather upholstery need cleaning?

A: We recommend our clean and feed service every 1 to 2 years. If you want to maintain the like-new look or bring an old item back to life, professional help is at hand.

Q: We have had a lower quote for the same room size. Why do companies offer different prices?
A: Cleaning companies provide different quotations usually because they all use different cleaning equipment and chemicals. Cleaners Uk Ltd of Warrington is not a franchise, therefore we have the freedom to use whatever machinery and whatever cleaning chemicals we deem to be the best on the market. Cleaners UK Ltd of Warrington never cut corners unlike possibly some other companies and we endeavour to provide value for money. Our policy is simply “The best clean you will ever have”. We use this phrase due to believing we only use the very latest and most high powered equipment, and the best and most environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals. Our overheads due to the standards we provide are obviously more than some cleaning companies but we can provide the very best service and deepest clean. As we are not a cleaning franchise company we are not limited to any supplier and have the freedom of choice of the whole market. We also believe that we are cheaper in price than most if not all franchise companies.

Q: How long will the cleaning process take?
A: Of course each job is different, but using our experience and asking a few specific questions, either over the phone or in person, we can give you a very good idea of the approximate job estimation time.

Q: Do you work out of hours?
A: Yes. All office/commercial work is usually done out of hours, via either weekend or evening appointments to suit the customer.  Also wiith regards to domestic work, if weekend is the only time that work can be completed we will endeavour to meet the customers needs.

Q: Are there any inclusive services within the work carried out?
A: Yes. We provide a free blow drying service using high powered turbo dryers to minimise drying time.  Our steam clean service includes free deodorising and degreasing within our specialist environmentally safe chemicals.  Our dry clean service is inclusive of not only cleaning carpets but deodorising, stain blocking and also heat drying.

Q: Will the cleaning process affect my decorating or any other parts of the house?
A: No. All our cleaning processes are very safe and concentrated and are of no risk to anything or anyone within the household/office.  If we have to bring any machinery onto your premises then we always take the up most care and any areas housing machinery will be fully sheeted up. We take the upmost care of your home/office.  A lot of jobs can be carried out operating the high powered machines from outside the cleaning area and in some cases we do not need to bring machinery indoors.

Q: How do you work out how often office carpets should be cleaned?
A: We attend site and work out a specific maintenance carpet cleaning programme to provide you with the best cleaning service to keep the carpets looking pristine for as long as possible.  Each office environment is different, it depends on the amount of traffic, the number of the workforce, the nature of the work, the daily cleaning, traffic, food and drink spills etc.  We can also detail a maintenance cleaning programme to any specific budget which will cover maintenance of all main traffic areas periodically.

Q: Do we need to move desks in an office environment?
A: No. Cleaners UK Limited are extremely experienced in maintenance of all office areas and are always aware of the large amount of computers/electrical items used in an office.  Desks can be easily cleaned under and support pedestals can be easily cleaned around, the main walk/use areas are where the majority of the dirt will lie.

Q: Can I get a free quote over the phone?
A: Yes. We can normally give a free quote going off specific questions that we ask as long as the customer can give us an idea of approximate room sizes.  Large office areas are normally required to have a site visit.

Q: I have a Chinese/Indian rug that has fringes. Can these be cleaned?
A: Yes. We have specialist chemicals to clean rug fringes and get them back to the highest standards possible.

Q: Do you clean rugs on site or take them away?
A: Both. This is entirely the customers choice, whichever suits.  We can complete on site cleaning and do offer a pick up and return service.  However it is a little bit cheaper for the customer to have them cleaned at home.

Q: Do fabric protectors really work?
A: Fabric protectors will not prevent your carpet from getting dirty, unfortunately nothing will. There purpose is to protect your carpet from stains and to prolongue the life of the fabric, which they do well when applied properly.

Q: How are pet stains and odours treated?

A: Pet urine never really dries, because dogs and cats don’t sweat their urine contains alkaline salts which absorb moisture out of the air. This becomes a fedding ground for bacteria which causes odour staining and discolouration. Minor conditions are treated with germicidal and enzyme surface treatments. Major conditions may require pad replacement on upholstery, floor and backing treatment and underlay replacement on carpeted areas.

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