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Firstly don’t panic, accidents do happen.  If something is spilled on your carpet prompt action is of vital importance to prevent permanent staining.  Don’t worry, you are in safe hands (if we cannot remove a stain no one can).  However when you have a spillage the best chance you have of removing a stain is to act quickly, without doubt the longer a stain remains on your carpets and upholstery the harder it is to remove.

IMPORTANT: Cleaners UK ltd accept no liability for the general tips information and advice shown below. Please proceed at your own risk, Cleaners UK ltd will not be responsible for any outcome.

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  • Liquids: Blot up any liquids with kitchen roll ideally or a clean white absorbent cloth or towel (eg: white terry cloth towel or fold a bath towel in order to make it thicker).

  • Place the dry towel over the area where the liquid is spilt. If the spill is red wine in an emergency you can try white wine to neutralise it, after following all procedures.

  • Apply heavy pressure onto the carpet to try and soak up the liquid cause.

  • Change towels frequently, do not rub or scrub the surface, but blot.

  • Keep repeating until the moisture has gone from the carpet.

  • If solid stains are present. Scrape up with a blunt knife, then blot.

  • Important do not use any strong chemicals or inappropriate detergents, these can fix a stain into your carpet/fabric eg: washing up liquid, wash powders, bleach and disinfectants.

  • Always work from the outside of the stain to avoid spreading.

  • Any cleaning fluids used must always be applied to the absorbent spotting material and not directly onto the carpet or fabric surface.

  • Keep the carpet or fabric as dry as possible.

  • Once you have absorbed all the moisture call Neil Riley at Cleaners Uk Ltd of Warrington immediately for free further advice if you can still see the stain remaining.

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